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Katie presents multiple teachings about the soul, then leads you step-by-step through personal healing and deliverance prayers, followed by group healing prayers that you, your friends and your family can do together at home! This is our most comprehensive collection on the soul yet. Included are 12 amazing, individual healing activations plus 12 group healing activations!

Do you have relationship issues? Are you physically sick or in chronic pain? Do you suffer from recurring ailments? Do you have financial concerns? Are you broken hearted? Do you see others hurt and in pain but don’t know how to assist? Have you felt like you have tried everything but nothing seems to work?

The Bible says we will prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper (3 John 2). There is a direct connection between our soul and the problems we encounter. Katie brings this revelation of the Word of God together in three very powerful teachings.

In this series:

  • Katie will impart fresh revelation that will empower you!
  • You will receive practical, hands-on training on how to accelerate healing!
  • You will learn how to pray more effectively for yourself, your family, and those around you!
  • You will receive simple yet powerfully effective tools for healing that will transform your health – your finances – your relationships – your life!

You will also want to study Healing Clinic 2 and Healing Clinic 3.

Healing Clinic Series 1

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