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Why are many people dying before their time? In the second part of the Healing Clinic series, Katie answers this question and continues to expound on soul healing and the importance of Christ's blood and resurrection in the sanctification process. This important teaching contains amazing testimonies from people that were first healed in their souls and then received healing in their bodies! Follow along as Katie proves biblically that Jesus and the apostles understood and operated in soul healing! Included are 9 individual healing activations plus 9 group healing activations!

Did you know it is not God's will that we should die of illness or disease but rather that we pass away at our appointed time filled with vitality, strength and in peace?

Dig deeper into the Word of God as Katie teaches about why we need to access the blood of Christ, but we also need to go into our prayer closets and ask for resurrection power (Dunamis) to be released into our souls. Katie will have you laughing and crying as you follow her on this soul-healing journey!

In this series:

  • You will learn how sin and trauma can wound your soul
  • What causes people to die out of God's timing
  • That Lazarus died out of his time and why
  • What he word 'Dunamis' means and how to apply it to your soul

You will also want to study Healing Clinic 1 and Healing Clinic 3. Own the entire series today!

Healing Clinic Series 2

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