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Because of her mother's battle with Lyme Disease for 25 agonizing years, Katie passionately sought God and His Word regarding healing. You can benefit from her hours and hours of research and study that lead her to the soul-healing message. Katie teaches about demonic kings such as Leviathan, Sihon and Og, and identifies the kings over Legion! She will lead you into freedom and breakthrough in this powerful teaching.

Katie shares her mom's story as well as the revelation she received about how evil tyrant kings still impact our lives today. If you have been longing for breakthrough, listen as she explains that there is an answer to your heartfelt cries to God!

In this series:

  • You will learn how Jesus could command demons and you can do it too!
  • How the sin of rebellion gives access to tyrant kings
  • How to bind the strong-man
  • How to rid yourself and your loved ones of Legion!
Included are dozens of uninterrupted healing activations, where she specifically goes after deliverance from these kings! It features group healing prayers that you and your friends and family can pray together at home!

This is our most comprehensive collection on the soul yet. You will also want to study Healing Clinic 1 and Healing Clinic 2.

Healing Clinic Series 3

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