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One of our biggest struggles in life is our ongoing battle with food. Today, obesity related diseases cause more deaths than cancer! Diets and diet aids are now the biggest money-making industry in America, yet most of these products do not produce long lasting success.

Katie shares the battles she faced with her own lifelong food disorders and shows you how to be triumphant over food using the keys she discovered in God’s word. Listen to how these truths ushered her into instant supernatural weight loss and control over food!

Thousands of people have received instant and progressive weight loss while listening to this powerful teaching. Many more have been healed of food related diseases and delivered of food lusts, food addictions, unhealthy eating habits, and a myriad of other food disorders. If you are struggling and suffering in this area of life Soul Food – Real Keys to the Supernatural Weight Loss will open up the door to your breakthrough.

Soul Food

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